• Barkey labotherm

    Precise and contamination-free temperature control of samples

The Barkey dry temperature control systems: Safety with know-how.

Decades of experience in the field of dry temperature control and hundreds of successfully implemented customer projects in the pharmaceutical, automotive and environmental analysis sectors guarantee you comprehensive know-how in all aspects of high-precision temperature control systems.

Barkey offers you a variety of customer-specific solutions for all challenges in the field of sample temperature control or other material-specific tests – always adapted to your individual requirements and laboratory technology challenges.

Due to the precise processing and high-precision temperature control, the Barkey labotherm series enables excellent reproducibility and comparability of your analysis results, e.g. for applications in the field of the so-called “Turbine Oil Stability Test” (TOST). The determination of the oxidation stability of lubricants is defined in ASTM D943. In this test method, the oil is permanently loaded at high temperatures with the aid of water, oxygen / air and metal catalysts (copper, steel), thereby accelerating oxidation and ageing. A small oil sample is taken at regular intervals and the progress of oxidation/ageing is determined by determining the neutralisation number.

The standards EN ISO 4263, EN ISO 12205, ASTM D2274, ASTM D4310, IP 388 are also fulfilled.



Developed to ensure maximum precision and thus consistently reproducible temperature control, the Barkey labotherm series impresses with maximum safety for users and preparations alike.

The Barkey labotherm guarantees constant adherence to the desired target values with fluctuations in the range of max. +/- 0.1°C and is the comprehensive solution for all tasks in the field of laboratory sample temperature control due to its modular design.

Optionally, PTFE-coated surfaces can also be used in conjunction with corrosive substances.

Find out exactly what makes Barkey dry temperature control systems so outstandingly precise!

Immediately accessible operation and self-explanatory control were at the forefront of the Barkey labotherm concept.

A large selection of standard and optional features enables you to adapt control and operation to the individual requirements of operation and user, thus saving time and ensuring maximum efficiency at the same time.

The Barkey labotherm series can be individually adapted to your application in terms of vessel shape, temperature range and corrosion resistance.

An optional visual inspection during the tempering process allows you to observe the filling level or the sample material within the sample vessels at any time and thus enables you to observe process reactions without interruption. Design features such as a ramp control or timer guarantee risk-free operation of the device – even unattended.

Barkey offers you the opportunity to plan your device in a joint dialog and to manufacture it according to your individual requirements, so that you do not have to accept any compromises.

Learn more about the numerous convenient user features of the Barkey dry temperature control systems!

Due to their proven technology and modular design, the Barkey labotherm series are the cost-saving system solution for dry temperature control of sample materials.

Interchangeable sample carriers make the dry temperature control systems so flexible that the purchase of additional systems for other samples is unnecessary. By dispensing with the use of conventional disposable products and their comprehensive range of applications, the Barkey labotherm series reduces both investment and operating costs with extremely low material and maintenance costs.

Even intensive use in laboratory operation is no challenge for the durable and reliable temperature control system. The materials selected for its background make the Barkey labotherm equally durable and easy to clean.

Standards and tests:

  • „Turbine Oil Stability Test“ (TOST)
  • EN ISO 4263
  • ASTM D943
  • ASTM D2274
  • ASTM D4310
  • IP 388
  • EN ISO 12205

Zubehör (optional)

The Barkey Evaporators are available with the following additional options:

  • Freely selectable temperature range up to +800 °C
  • External control unit
  • ramp control
  • Integration in process plants
  • PC connection
  • PTFE coating for use in combination with corrosive materials/vapours
  • visual inspection
  • Customer-specific adaptation to premises and possibilities

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