• Barkey vapotherm mobil s

    Read an experience report from the LVR Kliniken Viersen below

  • Barkey vapotherm mobil

    Individually adapted solutions for your sample preparation

  • Barkey vapotherm mobil

    Individually adapted solutions for your sample preparation

The Barkey Evaporators: One for everything.

The Barkey Evaporator concept is the innovative and user-friendly solution for your sample preparation. Starting with simple evaporation devices (vapostat series) to temperature-controlled systems (vapotherm series) up to optional opto-electronic residual quantity detection, we offer you a variety of individual and user-specific solutions for your sample preparation.

Thanks to their precise processing and high-precision temperature control, Barkey Evaporators provide you with excellent reproducibility and comparability of your analysis results – exactly as you wish and as your analysis requires.

Features such as ramp control, timer, automatic switch-off of the gas flow, etc. guarantee that the device can also be operated safely without supervision.

Laboratory environments have a multitude of special requirements that require extraordinary precision and reliability. Against this background, the Barkey Evaporator concept was developed in order to guarantee its users reproducible sample preparation with constant safety for users and preparations at the same time with the highest possible flexibility.

Precise control mechanisms check the temperatures of the thermal components throughout the entire operating time and thus guarantee constant target values within a tolerance range of max. +/- 0.1°C.

The Barkey Evaporator concept is the all-in-one solution for your sample preparation due to its modular design.

The optional use of PTFE-coated surfaces makes it suitable for use with corrosive substances.

By means of optional’open access’ stations, Barkey Evaporators offer you individually height-adjustable aeration options through which sample vessels can be loaded and removed individually in the sample carrier.

Possible application scenarios are described below:

Scenario A:

In order to control e.g. residues or carry-over of veterinary drugs in animal feed, sensitive methods for identification and quantification with HPLC-MS/MS are necessary, which require an exact and application-specific sample preparation for evaporation of the extraction solutions.

Scenario B:

In environmental and water analysis, in the food and beverage industry, in the chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industry – for the detection of organic compounds from any matrices, users worldwide have been relying for decades on our customer-oriented instrument solutions for the concentration and evaporation of extraction solutions.

Find out about the possibilities that Barkey Evaporators offer you!

The Barkey Evaporators impress with their holistic, uncomplicated and intuitive handling.

Designed for easy access, the product ranges offer numerous standard and optional features that make operation convenient and time-efficient. These include the Barkey clamp for easy positioning of the aeration unit and thus the gas flow above the sample vessel, as well as the complementary rotating device to improve the handling of the sample vessels below the gas flow. Barkey Evaporators offer you a variety of possibilities to make future analysis steps even more comfortable and safe.

The optional visual inspection during the evaporation process enables the level within the sample vessels to be monitored, thus ensuring that only up to the desired residual volume is evaporated.

In a joint dialogue with you, we design and construct your Barkey Evaporator so that it is specially tailored to your unique requirements and needs.

Learn more about the variety of user features of the Barkey Evaporators!

The Barkey Evaporators are the cost-saving innovation on the market due to their technology for dry temperature control of sample materials.

The comprehensive flexibility of interchangeable sample carriers makes the purchase of additional evaporators for other samples redundant, while at the same time it itself excels with extremely low material and maintenance costs. By dispensing with the use of conventional disposable products and their comprehensive range of applications, Barkey Evaporators reduce both operating and ongoing investment costs.

The system is designed for a long service life and proves to be consistently precise and unrestrictedly reliable even under intensive use. The materials used make Barkey Evaporators extremely durable and low-maintenance at the same time.

Sample preparation for the detection of new psychoactive substances (NPS) from evidence objects and urines

An experience report of the LVR Kliniken Viersen (Luzia Schaaf – Team Leader Pharmacy)


With the Barkey vapotherm mobil s, LVR Kliniken Viersen has established a standardized process for the evaporation of aqueous sample materials (NH3 5% in methanol) in the field of drug screening that is time and cost efficient. Solvents can be evaporated under vacuum at 65°C safely and contamination-free. The users appreciate the advantages of the Barkey vapotherm mobil s. In the routine 24 samples of solvents (1ml, NH3 5% in methanol) can now be evaporated within only 17 minutes. The constant temperatures within the application do not lead to any loss of substances such as amphetamines. Mrs. Luzia Schaaf (team leader pharmacy at the LVR Viersen) was able to show in experiments that there is no carry-over of drugs or other substances into subsequent samples. A possible and thus unintentional splashing of the samples could be eliminated by the accurate vacuum adjustment. In addition, capillaries are no longer necessary due to a glass plate and a vacuum chamber. With the Barkey vapotherm mobil s, a faster workflow can now be realized by evaporating in parallel at 24 places. In the time in which the first samples evaporate, the next 24 samples can already be prepared in the sample preparation bank using SPE cartridges. This makes it possible to process large sample quantities in a short time.


Barkey GmbH & Co. KG thanks Mrs. Luzia Schaaf and the LVR Kliniken Viersen for their cooperation in this project.


Contact pharmacy LVR Kliniken Viersen

Mrs Luzia Schaaf (Pharmacist)

LVR Kliniken Viersen

Horionstr. 2, 41749 Viersen, Germany

Phone 02162 96-3352

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Zubehör (optional)

The Barkey Evaporators are available with the following additional options:

  • Heated and/or heated aeration device for faster evaporation and to avoid the effect of expansion cooling at the gas outlet opening
  • Particularly gentle evaporation of sensitive analytes
  • PTFE coating for use in combination with corrosive materials/vapours
  • visual inspection
  • rotation mechanism
  • Tilting and pivoting device
  • Customer-specific adaptation to premises and possibilities
  • Optoelectronic residual quantity detection

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