The Barkey clinitherm baby is a dry temperature control unit for heating baby bottles and syringes safely and germ-free.


    The Barkey clinitherm baby is very easy to operate. To do this, the device must first be switched on and baby bottles must be placed in the holes. The device heats up to a temperature defined by the user between +20°C and +60°C. By the contact of the baby bottles with the tempering block, the bottles are gently heated. Water for heating is completely dispensed with.

    Neonates in particular are sensitive patients and should be protected against infections and any resulting sepsis. Water-based bottle warmers on neonatal intensive care units (NICU) are common sources of infections. For example, an article in the Japanese Journal of Infections proved that water-based bottle warmers are a frequent source of nosocomial germs, especially staphylococci[1]. Warming baby bottles with warm water or under running warm water is also not recommended. Numerous studies have shown that the hospital’s drinking water is contaminated with nosocomial germs[2],[3]. The Robert Koch Institute also strongly recommends avoiding this form of infections and germs through appropriate hygiene standards in hospitals[4]. It is also recommended to use dry temperature control devices, e.g. the clinitherm baby[5].

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    Due to the risk of infection from water described above, the Barkey clinitherm baby warms without the use of water. This offers the advantage of simple and hygienic operation of the device. Barkey adapts each device precisely to the bottles used by the customer, so that optimum heat transfer to the bottle or nutrition takes place. Optionally, it is possible to work with so-called reduction inserts. With these inserts, different bottle sizes and diameters can be used simultaneously in one device. Reducing inserts for syringes are also available if the food is to be heated in syringes.

    The cleaning effort is also low. Regular disinfection of the device is sufficient and reduction inserts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

    The Barkey clinitherm baby, designed for durability, does not require regular service. That’s why Barkey guarantees you carefree service, as we offer a 5-year guarantee.

    Should you have any questions regarding service and maintenance, our service team will be happy to assist you.


    Product Barkey clinitherm baby
    Capacity from 1 to 25 bottles
    Form round
    immersion depth up to 120 mm
    Reducing inserts in accordance to customer’s needs
    Dimensions according to model
    Casing Aluminum, baked varnish
    Warmer Aluminum, oxidized
    Weight according to model
    Temperature ambient temperature to +60°C
    Overtemperature protection elektronic +65°C, mechanical +73°C
    Main supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption according to model
    Current consumption according to model
    Current fuse according to model
    Protection class I, protective earthing
    Storage/Transport -20°C to +50°C
    Certification CE

    Accessories (optional)

    • adapter inserts for different bottles, syringes and diameters

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