• NEW - Barkey vialguard

    Accessory for plasmatherm C&G and varitherm

    Flyer vialguard

  • Silicone grid for automated dry vial thawing with Barkey plasmatherm C&G and Barkey varitherm.
  • Conforms safely to the top and bottom warming cushions to ensure uniform heat transfer.
  • Sleek design for tight conformity of vials helps secure positioning and prevent colliding during thawing process.
  • Easy to write reproducible SOPs.
  • Enables simultaneous multiple vial thawing. Supports various volumes of vials and tubes during a single thawing run.
  • Withstands most cleanroom cleaning procedures. Compatible with common sanitizing.


Product Barkey vialguard
Material silicone
Color transparent
Dimensions 400 x 275 x 2 mm (L x W x D)
Dimensions cut out 125 x 25 mm
Weight 100 g
Certification CE

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