Consistent temperature management in the laboratory

Barkey has reliable cell thawing solutions for technology transfer in life science research. Consistent, comparable and cGMP compliant: The Barkey plasmatherm C&G, the Barkey varitherm and the Barkey vialguard are low-risk and automated solutions to thaw blood and cryopreserved products.

Barkey plasmatherm C&G

Full technology transfer: from the laboratory to the patient.

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Barkey varitherm

Dry thawing unit for applications in the laboratory.

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Barkey TCP Logging Tool

Connects Barkey plasmatherm, plasmatherm V, plasmatherm C&G and varitherm to your computer/network.

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Barkey vialguard

Accessories for vials in Barkey plasmatherm C&G and Barkey varitherm

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