Dry temperature control products for hospitals & blood banks.

The prevention of hypothermia and its associated risks, as well as the avoidance of contamination during the thawing and warming process, are instrumental in the development of our Barkey portfolio devices. Our portfolio represents various options: from thawing of preparations / blood products such as FFP, EC, stem cell therapies and infusions to warming of material like fluids, blankets or instruments.

Barkey plasmatherm

Safe and hygienic thawing and heating of FFP, EC as well as cryopreserved preparations and infusion solutions - without direct contact with water.

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Barkey TCP Logging Tool

Connects Barkey plasmatherm, plasmatherm V, plasmatherm C&G and varitherm to your computer/network.

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Barkey S-line

Conducts blood and infusions warm and safe to the patient.

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Barkey autocontrol + autoline

Blood and infusion warmer: flexible and reliable.

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Barkey warming center II

Use the Barkey warming center II warming cabinet to heat infusion solutions, rinsing solutions and textiles.

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Barkey warming center III

Warming cabinet for preheating any infusions and textiles with a capacity of 270 l.

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Barkey plasmatherm V

Plasma thawer for FFP and red cell concentrate. Thaws FFP in about 9 minutes.

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We offer a full range of services: annual safety inspections (TSI and PM) for the Hospital & Blood Bank business line, and maintenance and repairs. Contact us for more details and local services!

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