The Barkey test and inspection systems: Uniquely innovative.

Barkey products stand internationally for precision, reliability and the highest quality standards. The intensive dialogue with users from the pharmaceutical, environmental technology and automotive sectors enables the continuous optimization of individual devices and series. This ensures that even high-quality products always meet the future requirements of our customers.

The expertise acquired enables Barkey to implement highly specific one-off productions in the customer’s interest.

This includes in particular the planning and construction of precise dry temperature control systems for testing and inspection applications, such as the Barkey permatherm. This enables you to determine the fogging behaviour according to DIN 75201, SAE J1756, ISO 6452, PV3015, ISO 17071 and DIN EN 14288) or to test the ageing resistance of oils according to IEC 61125 with fully automatic and computer-aided long-term testing.

The Barkey permatherm is a Europe-wide innovation: The first fogging test system that can test volatile substances in raw materials without the use of oil. By consciously avoiding warm or hot bath liquids, work safety is significantly increased and the room climate is improved.

Thanks to precise processing and high-precision temperature control, the Barkey inspection and test systems enable you to achieve excellent reproducibility and comparability of your analysis results.

Features such as ramp control, timer, etc. guarantee that the device can also be operated unattended and safely.

Find out today about the unique technology of the Barkey test and examination results!

Barkey test and inspection systems stand for precise measurement technology with a high level of user comfort in all application environments. An intuitively accessible operation enables time- and cost-saving operation.

An optionally available visual inspection option allows you to monitor the levels of sample material and vessels during the entire temperature control process. This allows you to keep an eye on all process reactions.

Barkey enables you to plan and design the devices you need in direct dialogue. In this way we ensure that all customer wishes are fully taken into account – and you do not have to make any compromises.

Find out everything about the numerous handling characteristics of the Barkey dry temperature control systems!

The Barkey testing and examination systems are the cost-saving innovation on the market due to their technology for dry temperature control of sample materials.

The variable modular design ensures a high degree of flexibility. Optionally exchangeable sample carriers make the purchase of further specific test systems for other samples superfluous, while Barkey test and inspection systems themselves are distinguished by extremely low material and maintenance costs. By dispensing with the use of conventional disposable products/bath liquids (e.g. oil) and their comprehensive range of applications, Barkey testing and inspection systems reduce investment and operating costs in equal measure.

Barkey test and inspection systems are both low-cleaning and low-maintenance and prove to be durable, robust and precise due to their design characteristics.

Find out about the cost-saving possibilities offered by Barkey testing and inspection systems!

norms and standards

Fogging behaviour / fogging test

  • Gravimetric: DIN 75201-B, ISO 17071, DIN EN 14288-B, ISO 6452-B, SAE J 1756, PV 3015, GME 60326-A, GMW 3235-B, TSM05036-B, D45 1727
  • Reflectometric: DIN 75201-A, DIN EN 14288-A, ISO 6452-A, SAE J 1756, PV 3015, PV 3920, TSM05036-B, D45 1727, GME 60326-B, GMW 3235-A, STD 1027, STD 2711, STD 1082, VCS 1027, VCS 2719
  • Haze measurement: Fogging measurement system according to DIN 75201-A, similar to HES D6508-95, MS 300-54



Innovative applications

Innovative applications

For information on the Barkey permatherm fogging test device and further innovative applications read the full text on “Fogging Test System – without oil”.

Zubehör (optional)


  • 6 cooling plates
  • 6 beakers
  • 6 Elastomer sealing rings
  • 6 square glass plates
  • Carrying frame
  • cooling devcie Minichiller (optional)
  • External temperature sensor (optional)

Technische Daten


Mains supply 230 VAC
Temperature range from ambient to 150°C (and customer-specific modifiable)
+/- 0.1°C
Device dimensions
Temperature control unit: 537x365x250 mm
External control unit: 167x288x162 mm
Programming Ramp programming (optional)
Guarantee 2 yeras


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